About BizTalk Customer Response Team

About BizTalk Customer Response Team

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Customer Response (CR) PMs are product team experts with extensive customer and product support backgrounds. In addition to working in concert with PSS / Premier to manage customer escalations and produce Hotfixes, CRT PMs sponsor and participate in a number of initiatives including Support Planning, Product Release Criteria, Best Practices Development, PSS FrontLine Nominations, Emergency Response Planning (SSIRP/ERP), Servicing Process Automation, Redzone Top Issues, PSS Beta Support and Root-cause Analysis (RCA). The Biztalk CR team supports the following products and technologies:

  • BizTalk Server, Accelerators and Adapters

  • BizTalk LOB Adapters and SDK

  • Host Integration Server

  • Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO)


We will use this blog to notify of important fixes released and interesting product issues that we come across in our daily work life

  • The biztalk customer response team support

    host integration server too? Thats considerably


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