Though this is very simple and very straight forward for most of you (who works on cluster day-in and day-out), it isn’t same for people from other side of the world. And I could not find any single link which talks
about this, so though to document it. I was working with a customer on an MSMQ case where we wanted to run few tools against clustered MSMQ resource.
Now since MSMQ was clustered I can’t use local command prompt to interact with the clustered MSMQ. So the need was to create a clustered command prompt in the same group as MSMQ is.
Would also be helpful for my team members and our customers. So here we go…..

1-     Go to the cluster administrator

2-     Select the group which owns MSMQ clustered resource

  3-     Right click on the Group ->New -> Resource

 4-     Under “New Resource” window, select “Resource Type” as “Generic Application” and give it a name, click on Next


 5-     Select both the nodes as possible owner, click on Next

 6-     Under “Dependencies” add the “Network name” as the dependencies, click on next

7-     Under “Generic Application Parameters” enter the values as mentioned and check both the check boxes, click on next.

8-     Click Finish on the “Registry Replication” window

9-     You will see a new resource getting created in offline mode.

10-    Bring this resource online (make sure you are on the same server as the owner column indicates). As soon as you bring it online, it will pop up a command prompt.
Run “Hostname” on the command prompt and it should show the Network name of the MSMQ resource


Written by 
   Chirag Pavecha

Reviewed by
   Chirag Pavecha

Microsoft GTSC