I have 2 machines Node1 and Node2, in a cluster. Make sure that both the machines has MSMQ installed in them and there is a shared drive present. If you go to features you should see the following MSMQ feature details:


In this setup Node 1 is the passive node and Node 2 is the active node. In order to create a cluster role for MSMQ, follow the below steps

1. Open the Failover cluster manager. 

    For this go to run and type cluadmin or you could directly open it from the server manager dashboard


2. Expand Cluster and right click on Roles and click on Configure Roles.


3. Go to Next and select Message Queuing and click on Next

4. Give the name that the clients will use to access this cluster role. Click Next

5. Select the shared disk drive name that you want to assign to the cluster role. Click Next

6. You will get a window saying the role has been successfully configured. Click on Finish.


7. Now if you right click on the role and select the Manage Message Queuing option then you would be able to create a queue.


8. Now this queue, is available at the cluster level. So in case if you want to send the message to the queue, you would have to refer to the queue as TestMSMQ\private$\ClusterTest rather than on the basis of the name of the physical server.

9. If the Node2 fails over the same queue will be available to the Node1.

 Hope this helps !!!

Written by
Rasika Chaudhary

Reviewed by
Gautam Mansinghka

Microsoft India GTSC