Recently I worked with a customer who had trial/evaluation version of BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 installed in his environment. This license of this version expires in 120 days. He started getting errors in the event log saying that the evaluation version has expired
and need to install licensed version to continue.

He downloaded the licensed version but was not sure on how to install it in the environment which already had the Evaluation version installed. He wanted to make sure that no application changes are needed and to avoid losing application settings/configuration. 

This is what we did to remove the Evaluation version and install the licensed version without doing any changes to the environment.

  • Stopped BizTalk services and SSO Service
  • Took Backup of the BizTalk databases
  • Stopped SQL server agent
  • Uninstalled Evaluation version of BizTalk Adapter Pack (This clears all registry entries from the environment)
  • Uninstalled WCF LOB Adapter SDK
  • Installed WCF LOB Adapter SDK
  • Installed Licensed version of the BizTalk Adapter Pack
  • Started BizTalk services and SSO Service
  • Started SQL server agent

All the application bindings were in place properly. Things started working properly once we started the services again.

I hope this helps.

Written By
Yakshit Gohel

Reviewed By
Jainath V R

Microsoft GTSC India