At  RFID Journal LIVE!, the world’s largest RFID conference and exhibition, we are unveiling the covers off our ground breaking RFID platform, BizTalk RFID, and highlighting Microsoft’s commitment to the Connected Enterprise vision.


At the event, we will:


  1. Highlight the availability of our platform via the public Beta of BizTalk Server R2 to the RFID community (With GA of BizTalk R2 continuing to be CYQ3), supported by partner press releases. 
  2. Deliver a  general session with CHEP, who is well-known/regarded in this industry, and one of our early adopter customers.  Our keynote will showcase BizTalk RFID @ Work for CHEP’s pallet pooling business WW and the ROI they’ve obtained from the same with a video of the CHEP deployment in action (agenda available here) 
  3. Showcase solution demonstrations with 19 partners at our booth along the following themes:
    1. BizTalk RFID @ Work (early adopter customer solutions in action)
      1. Xterprise, Alien and Zebra showing the iGPS pallet tracking application
      2. Cactus, SATO, Paxar, CSL showing the CHEP ‘track and trace’ application at work
      3. TCS, Motorola showcasing their turnkey returnable asset tracking solution with RFID & sensor based technologies
      4. Intermec,  Kikata demonstrating the application in the BlueC Sushi restaurant with RFID, that helps monitor the timing and contents of plates while capturing data to comply with food and safety regulations and improve production of the right items
      5. HP talking about their Supply Chain Visibility initiative built ground up on BizTalk Server and other MS technologies
      6. 3M track and trace showing their specimen tracking application, and storyboarding active RFID based high value assets for hospitals
      7. Tyco and Printronix demonstrating their Work in Progress (WIP) PoC built and deployed at Lockheed
    2. Innovation at the Edge -  Intel and partners showcasing demo’s on early versions of our BizTalk RFID mobile (alpha) on CE &  other innovative HF and Active RFID demos
      1. CSL demonstrating a CE based app for tag inventory atop BizTalk RFID Mobile on a handheld running the R1000 chip from Intel
      2. Unitech showing an inventory reconciliation app with a pick list on ahandheld running BizTalk RFID mobile (alpha), and talking to a backend running BizTalk RFID
      3. Intermec showcasing their CE based reader supporting BizTalk RFID Mobile (alpha) and running a inventory locator demo
      4. Reva systems demonstrating an end-end scenario with their smart appliance as a device on BizTalk RFID
      5. Ubisense demonstrating an active RFID tag based ‘location in the booth’ demo for people / objects moving around in the booth
      6. Cathexis showing how HF RFID over Bluetooth in combination with GPRS can be used for asset management in combination with vehicle fleet management (think IBM ad J)
    3. BizTalk RFID for Small and Medium Businesses Maximum Data Solutions demonstrating warehouse management solutions with deep integration between Dynamic GP and BizTalk RFID

This is a significant step forward for our Biztalk RFID + Partners, and hope to continue buiding on the momentum to bring RFID to the mainstream and allow our end users to leverage this powerful technology to drive real time decision making!