Irving, a fellow MSFT’ian (a.k.a. Mr. RFID TAP J) has a couple of great providers for HF RFID devices (the Phidget and the DLP reader – each less than 100 bucks J) that plug into your USB port and can show a physical reader at work - generating and sending real RFID reads to your application in a matter of seconds!

If you were also wondering about sample code for building device providers (the equivalent of device drivers to surface device services to the BizTalk RFID platform) this would be an awesome starting point as well

So go ahead, take a couple of hours off your busy schedules, and give the 4 step methodology to a simple, effective RFID demo a whirl!

1.       Order a Phidget or a DLP device

2.       Download the BizTalk RFID Beta from here

3.       Give Irving’s blog a whirl and download the required provider and documentation

4.       Use the step-step guidance he provides in the device deployment kit to capture and play with real tag reads.

Simulators anymore, anyone? ;)