One of the first questions I always get asked is ‘where do I learn more about BizTalk RFID?’- from a variety of audiences all the way from developers, to IT pros to BDM’s

Here’s the teams’ first stab at a few resources that maybe interesting on this front:

Starting Page for BizTalk RFID (eveything you ever wanted to know about BizTalk RFID)


1.       Orchestrating the real-time enterprise with the BizTalk RFID platform

2.       Building device providers for the BizTalk RFID platform

3.       Designing and deploying BizTalk RFID Business Processes


Install Guide and Samples

We did the webcasts for our JumpStart partners and I figured I’d publish this here for folks looking to leverage similar resources.

The first webcast is aimed squarely at folks wanting to get a 10,000 feet understanding of BizTalk RFID (and why we think it’s the most exciting product we’ve shipped since Windows 95 J) from yours truly.

The 2nd and 3rd webcasts are deep (deep deep) technical drilldowns on the technology side from my fellow BizTalk RFID'ers.  The talk on building device providers (given by Venkatesh (a.k.a. Venky) the most hardworking s/w architect you probably will ever come across and one of the brains behind BizTalk RFID) should have a DSPI developer from the hardware community salivating, and the talk on building and deploying BizTalk RFID business processes is primarily aimed at service providers, developers, and solution vendors with great information (including an asset tracking demo) for folks looking to build and deploy vertical applications atop BizTalk RFID – this talk was given by Krish and Janaki both of whom have been on the team from the early days and are treasure troves of knowledge!

Needless to say we’d love to get your feedback on what we could do better to enable you with the power of BizTalk RFID!

 Stayed tuned for more updates on this front..