As I write this (somewhere in LAX, making my way back home from a long and fun week at TechED), it's become increasingly clear to me that the only way to share all the exciting news around what's happening in the RFID world is to a) get a bit more discplined about keeping the online avatar of BizTalk RFID interesting and exciting, and b) actively recruit my fellow RFID compadres in sharing their nuggets online.

How I wish the mind-recorder / text 'playback' tool was here today :)

Over the next few months (minus the 10 days that I finally get to go on a vacation and watch Iron Maiden play live in one of Europe's biggest rock festivals - Fields of Rock :)) I will look to share some of the learnings and observations from the deployments and interactions with our early adopters (with a slice of life and fun thrown in for good measure) and discuss some of the areas we see innovation taking a life of of it's own in the RFID / sensor landscape putting us all squarely at the forefront of exciting breakthroughs. Will also look to my fellow RFID'ers in the internal MS community as well as the MVP gang to contribute, add color, and shape BizTalk RFID's avatar.

I hope this evolves into a fun and vibrant community (your participation is of course a BIG part of it ;)) where interesting information pertaining to anything RFID and life (not necessarily related :)) is shared and discussed

In anticipation of interesting times ahead...




 P.S> If you are reading this, I'd love to know what's on your mind for us to maybe add some color around!