As the interest in BizTalk RFID grows, something that I look forward to doing is pointing readers to great blogs on this platform as well as blogs of experts who are using BizTalk RFID to create innovative new applications - my hope is that there will be a rich community of us sharing our experiences to the world and growing the knowledge pool of RFID savvy users!


Two of them I'd like to introduce you to today are:

  1. J. Kalyanasundaram (a.k.a. JKAT) -
  2. Mick Badran (aka MickieB) -


JKAT runs the BizTalk RFID Tools team and if you are a developer reading this and stifling a yawn, look no further -> click on the link above to get the 'The Ins and outs of what you can do with BizTalk RFID', straight from the horses mouth! :)

Mick (more on him later in a launch diaries episode) is one of those MVP's who reminds you of how life in the fast lane of ever changing technology needs to be savored and enjoyed - the passion for new technology in this man is to be seen to be believed and Mick has always had BizTalk RFID in his mirrors since day one, when I interacted with him and David McGhee to put together a RFID demo for the SOA conference in Australia more than a year ago :) - his BizTalk RFID knowledge / work has been pure joy to witness and I am sure you'll enjoy the RFID gems on his blogspot (anyone remembers MS RFID Services? - Mick does ;))

I hope you will enjoy the views and knowledge that both JKAT and Mick share with our small but expanding community.

I will be looking to keep adding more super-starts to this blog - so if you are out there and doing some great work on BizTalk RFID, drop me a line :)


Until next week