We are planning on shipping a new version of the Web Client Software Factory in January or February 2008. The scope for this new version includes:

A number of you have been asking when will we provide Visual Studio 2008 support. This next release will address the known issues for WCSF running on Visual Studio 2008. For those that want and/or need to use Visual Studio 2008 now, you can refer to the knowledge base article on CodePlex.

In a previous blog post, I discussed the quality checkpoints that we go through for our deliverables. We are now focusing on the quality checkpoints required to make the factory an MSDN deliverable. This includes:

  • Security testing
  • Stress testing
  • Scalability testing (scale up and scale out)
  • Overhead testing

    Once we complete the quality check points and finish documentation and the MSI, we will publish the release on MSDN.