As Mike announced in his blog yesterday, we released an updated version of the Smart Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2008. As previously discussed in my blog, this release provides:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2008. 
  • Fixes for bugs identified by the community on CodePlex.
  • Side-by-side usage of the April 2008 Guidance Package with the May 2007 Guidance Package.
  • Support for Enterprise Library 3.1
  • Documentation in HTML format on MSDN

The release does require Guidance Automation Extensions - February 2008 Release (GAX). When you upgrade to the Guidance Automate Extensions - February 2008 release you can install it on top of your existing version of GAX and you no longer need to uninstall your Guidance Automate Toolkit Packages.

Once Enterprise Library 4.0 is released, we will provide guidance in the Smart Client knowledge base on how to upgrade to this version of Enterprise Library. If you need to run on Visual Studio 2005, you should download the Smart Client Software Factory - May 2007 release.

Here is a snapshot of how you can access the documentation in HTML format on MSDN from the SCSF Home Page:


You can access the following topics in HTML format here:

The downloads for this release can be found:

Please note that the source code and documentation is the duplicated in the factory and in the separated downloads. This provides you the opportunity to view them without having to install the entire factory.

As always, provide feedback on CodePlex community site which is