patterns & practices started working on Prism 4.1 which will target Silverlight 5 and items requested on Codeplex. The current plan is to ship the release in January. Additionally, we plan to ship Prism 4.5 after .NET 4.5 is released. Prism 4.5 will address other highly voted on Codeplex issues.

For Prism 4.1, we will timebox the project and get as many of these items completed as can fit in our timeframe. We are considering the following:

5495 – Event to Command
4052 - Change Constraint for CommandBehaviorBase for WPF
7381 - UpdateRegionsException when adding/removing a view with a scoped region manager
3896 - RegionManagerRegistrationBehavior never stop monitoring the RegionManager
8061 - Sync ActiveAware state of views throughout scoped regions
4730 – SL3 caching not working with Modules
5657 - Remove view does not remove all sub-views
2465 - Exception message - RegionAdapterMappings.GetMapping
7224 - Mef and Module Dependencies in Silverlight
3862 - Bug in Default RegionContext Binding Behavior

Let us know if there are other items that you think we need to address now.