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October, 2010

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06/02/2015 - Latest update on the AdaptiveIndexDefrag procedure v1.6.1. Look for it in the "Ezequiel shortcuts" section on the right or just click HERE.

11/03/2015 - Updates to Maintenance plan deployment scripts available HERE

17/05/2015 - The SQL Swiss Army Knife Series Index
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    Can log files growth affect DML?


    Hello all,

    A while back I blogged here about how a good strategy of log file growth could potentially impact ongoing operations with your SQL Server. It’s known that VLFs (number and size) impact on the performance of such actions as scanning all VLFs for transactions that are marked for replication or log backup operations. Following that blog post, I became curious as to how having a poor strategy could potentially impact some less than obvious operations within SQL Server and decided to put that to a test..

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