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February, 2011

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10/05/2014 - Latest update on the AdaptiveIndexDefrag procedure v1.5.8. Look for it in the "Ezequiel shortcuts" section on the right or just click HERE.

10/05/2014 - Updates to Maintenance plan deployment scripts available HERE

04/06/2014 - The SQL Swiss Army Knife Series Index
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    Loose notes on FILESTREAM…

    Hello all, Following a previous post on the subject, here are a few things you should be attentive when planning a FILESTREAM implementation. …Security There are two security requirements for using the FILESTREAM feature: SQL Server...
  • Blog do Ezequiel

    Best Practices on FILESTREAM implementations

    Hello all, Recently I was asked to advise a customer on a FILESTREAM implementation he was devising, and part of that ended up becoming this blog post that I hope can be of some help for you. When to use FILESTREAM? In SQL Server, BLOBs can be...
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