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PowerPivot Security Architecture

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Hi all, 

Today I was looking for some information about PowerPivot configuration in SharePoint 2010 and found out this old post of Denny Lee from SQL CAT Team that explains the Security Architecture for PowerPivot.

Sometimes is quite difficult to find information for PowerPivot and SharePoint integration but this “poster” is really great even for a SharePoint guy. 

Check the full info at http://sqlcat.com/sqlcat/b/whitepapers/archive/2010/08/17/powerpivot-technical-diagram-powerpivot-security-architecture.aspx .

For the full Client-Server architecture, please refer to http://sqlcat.com/sqlCat/b/whitepapers/archive/2010/04/23/powerpivot-technical-diagram-powerpivot-client-server-architecture.aspx




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