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  • Blog Post: A practical example on missing a filtered index

    Hello all, Last week I did a brief presentation on SQLPort about hinting the database engine. What’s related here is that during the presentation, when I was discussing index hints, an attendee asked me about the usefulness of Filtered Indexes in certain scenarios, and how the database engine would behave...
  • Blog Post: SQL Swiss Army Knife #12 - Index information galore!

    EDIT (06/06/2012): Added script for all databases (may cause performance problems in large servers) and current database only. also fixed issue with partition aligned indexes. EDIT (19/11/2012): Added Heap information and redesigned duplicate and redundant index search. EDIT (18/12/2012): Fixed...
  • Blog Post: A case of seeks and scans

    Hello all, A couple weeks ago while I was onsite, I was looking at some queries that had performance issues. To the customer, one in particular had become a conundrum that could not be easily answered with the usual approach of good indexing, simply because there was already a good covering index...
  • Blog Post: Adaptive Index Defrag

    Hello all, because the procedure usp_AdaptiveIndexDefrag has undergone a few more updates, starting now this post will be the only source of information for it, including a full change log at the end of this post . It’s also reachable from the links section on the right anywhere on the blog. ...
  • Blog Post: SQL Swiss Army Knife #7 - Adaptive Index Defrag

    Hello all, Sorry for the inconvenience, but the content of this post moved to the Adaptive Index Defrag post .
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