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Portuguese PFE SQL Server Team

  • Blog Post: Table variables and row estimations – Part 2

    Hello again, On my previous post , we covered how the Query Optimizer handles row estimation when using Table variables under specific conditions. Following up on that, I will demonstrate other scenarios where the Query Optimizer must try to optimize queries when no statistics and histograms are...
  • Blog Post: Table variables and row estimations – Part 1

    Hello all, The subject of estimated rows vs. actual rows in plan execution has a lot of impact in query performance, and the source of these skews can be quite diverse, from outdated statistics, to incorrect sampling, or the inability of the query processor to know the value of certain variables at...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server - Performance Counters, Thresholds, etc.

    These are normal questions: What counters should I select to monitor my SQL Server instance? What thresholds or values should I use to know when something bad is happening? Use this webcast to get answers: TechNet Webcast: SQL Server Performance Counter Guidance http://msevents...
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