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Portuguese PFE SQL Server Team

  • Blog Post: About Maintenance Plans – grooming SQL Server

    Hello all, I admit I’m not a big fan of Maintenance Plans (the feature that goes by that name) mainly because of its “do or die” approach. So, it was not by chance that I wrote and keep updating the AdaptiveIndexDefrag procedure. Good maintenance (or lack thereof) may be the difference...
  • Blog Post: SQL Swiss Army Knife #11.1 - Locking, blocking and active transactions

    EDIT (12-04-2013): Added page type information (PFS; GAM or SGAM) when wait type is PAGELATCH_ or PAGEIOLATCH_ . EDIT (23-05-2013): Fixed parse page issue. EDIT (17-10-2013): Added memory grant info, statements to blocking and blocked sections of blocking report, and fixed head blocker info. ...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Tools - Extended Events Manager & Partition Management

    There are two tools available on Codeplex that you may consider to use/test: SQL Server 2008 Extended Events Manager and SQL Server Partition Management
  • Blog Post: SQL Nexus released

    Hi, A new version of the tool - SQL Nexus ( was released: Release Notes Most fixes are related to silent or batch processing 1) Adjusted CurrentDB text box for auto-complete and copy and paste database name 2) Enhanced...
  • Blog Post: RML Utilities, version 9.01 Released

    A new version of the RML Utilities for SQL Server, version 9.01, was released (with support for SQL Server 2008): Review, also, the last minute update regarding a small...
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