The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is a key part of realizing Microsoft's goal to provide customers with great experiences any time, any place, and on any device. The .NET Compact Framework's managed code and XML Web services enable the development of secure, downloadable applications on devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones, and set-top boxes. During this webcast we will explore the productive integration offered by VS2008 to enable product development and testing of mobile applications as well as exploring new additions to the mobile development platform.

Please join me this coming Thursday, March 20th @ 2:00PM EST. I will build a mobile application that will allow us to explore the different device emulators, Cellular Emulator, WebServices consumption, SMS Message Interception, SMS logging into Windows Event Log, Sound, Battery level notification, Security, and more...

Start Date: Thursday, March 20, 2008 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Joel Reyes