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October, 2010

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About Dan Elliott

I'm a software development engineer in the test organization at Microsoft.  In my 18 years at Microsoft I've worked in a variety of roles in user education, testing, and development. In this time I've had the opportunity to be involved with a wide range of products: Works for Windows, Money, Profit, Internet Explorer, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, System Center Mobile Device Manager, Windows Phone 7, and Kinect for XBox 360.

You can find links to my paintings, drawings, photos, and other interests at my personal website, Packrat's Storehouse.


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    C# Extension Methods: Syntactic Sugar or Useful Tool?

    Last week a colleague introduced me to extension methods ( C# , VB ) in .Net. If you're not familiar with extension methods, they were added in Visual Studio 2008 to provide a means for adding functionality to existing types without creating a new derived...
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    Hiding a non-virtual property for a derived control at design-time

    I've recently been developing a custom control ( BarControl ) that derived from an existing control ( FooControl ). There were two requirements related to the derived control's border style: The BorderStyle property should not be modified at runtime...
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    Back in Business

    After a hiatus of 3+ years, I've decided to reopen blue collar. The focus will no longer be the .Net Compact Framework, but will still be aimed at providing information and solutions that will save time and effort for developers delivering solid code...
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