So I get these e-mails from SteveB and Billg today and guess what?

After five years, I no longer double take when I see one of their names in my inbox.  The double takes stopped after the first year.  In my role out in the field, e-mails from Steve and Bill are always addressed to the company.  I have only received one e-mail from Steve where I was on the cc: list.  It was a congratulatory note for our teams’ response to a customer critical situation where depth of product knowledge was needed.

Today was a bit different because Steve sent out a “Heads up” e-mail letting us know an important announcement was being made later in the afternoon.  But I did not expect this news.  What did not surprise me was the announcement of Ray Ozzie as the new Chief Software Architect.  I could see a mentoring relationship going on there since Ray joined the company.

The Gates Foundation is doing great things.  Bill and Melinda bring a lightning rod of visibility to the issues of global health and education.  I wish Bill all the best as he transitions into this new role.