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Notes from BlueMetal Architects, where Bob is SharePoint Principal Architect. Here you will find postings on all things SharePoint, especially developer related topics.

April, 2006

  • Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog

    In the Groove

    My latest cool collaboration discovery is Groove Virtual Office, and I’m totally jazzed by it. As you must have heard by now, Microsoft acquired Groove Networks about a year ago, and its founder, Ray Ozzie, became our CTO. (My Brush with Greatness - in...
  • Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog

    Extranet Support in SharePoint 2007

    A colleague of mine recently asked if the forthcoming version of SharePoint technology will be good for use in Extranets, and why. Indeed it will! Here are some thoughts on the subject... First off - there are at least two kinds of Extranets out there...
  • Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog

    Another Vantage Point

    The cool thing about the internet is that any shmoe with a computer and an internet connection can have a voice, however obscure, on the world stage. Blogging seems to encourage this, which I figure has to be a good thing – more free speech usually leads...
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