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Notes from BlueMetal Architects, where Bob is SharePoint Principal Architect. Here you will find postings on all things SharePoint, especially developer related topics.

May, 2006

  • Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog

    A Grand Tour

    Today was day #3 of the SharePoint Conference. It's about 7:00 in the evening, and I'm in the "hands-on labs" with about 200 computers and a handful of eager attendees who stayed late to work on SharePoint and Office labs. I earned my way to the conference...
  • Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog

    Greetings from the SharePoint conference!

    Today was the first day of the SharePoint conference in Bellvue, WA. Certainly the highlight of the day was a keynote by none other than Bill Gates. I’ve heard Mr. Gates speak any number of times, usually on very futuristic and visionary topics. This...
  • Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog

    Why Extranets Matter

    My last couple of blog entries have discussed technologies which cross organizational boundaries: Extranets and Groove. I thought it would be worth taking a few minutes to discuss why this is important from a business perspective, and to consider some...
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