Trouble Ahead- Trouble Behind

Sometimes the test discipline is all about trouble- other times, it's just troubling.

An internet page on MSDN about me? Sounds like "Much Ado About Nothing!"


An internet page on MSDN about me? Sounds like "Much Ado About Nothing!"

I named my blog after a portion of the refrain in this Grateful Dead classic

Technical articles, stories and vague recollections of Bob Kjelgaard, a Senior Software Design Engineer (Test) in Windows Driver Frameworks Quality Assurance.  All opinions ventured are definitely the author's own, and are not official statements of the Microsoft Corporation.

Yes, I destroyed all of my content prior to June of 2010 in February 2010.  I had my reasons, good or bad, and there's no point going back- you can't get there from here.

A brief bio:

Born and raised in upstate New York (near Binghamton)- as far as age goes- I predate satellites, space travel and integrated circuits- computers were built with vacuum tubes when I was born and 16K of memory was a lot.

BS in Mathematics from CalTech (Pasadena, CA)

Worked as Electronic Test Technician in Los Angeles area for a while

10 years at IBM (Owego, NY- no longer an IBM facility, though) as an Electronics Engineer / Scientist- primarily in Automated Test Equipment (both hardware and software aspects)

Began with Microsoft in 1989, but have bounced in and out a bit

  • SDET 1989-1993- OS/2, Windows 3.1, Windows NT 3.1- all related to printing subsystem / printer drivers.
  • Contract SDE 1994-1997- Windows Printing System, Windows 98 / Win 2K- again, printer drivers / print subsystem or closely related areas
  • Contract SDE 2003-2005- XP SP2 and server SP1, Windows Vista- kernel audio drivers (portcls/sysaudio/kmixer and also some work in KS itself)- mostly maintenance with some small features.
  • SDET 2005-present- Windows Driver Foundation- initially for Kernel-Mode Driver Framework, now overall Windows Driver Frameworks.

During some of those non-Microsoft years:

  • SDE- device drivers (parallel port and later some USB), printer drivers and other printing components (monitors, print processors), some pre-boot modifications (boot record hacks and the like).  Some sockets stuff, some work on Still Image in its early days.  Software package installers, various bits of UI.  Even some VB / database stuff, come to think of it...
  • Consultant or Contract SDE- same sort of stuff
  • Owned and operated (as in practically lived in, sometimes) a laundromat.  That got me in the Wall Street Journal [not in a particularly flattering way]- more fame than I care for...

Odds and ends:

  • Was member of (eventually even president of) a Kiwanis club in my hometown.
  • Ran for office (county legislature) once- was rather firmly trounced.
  • Volunteer Firefighter (when I lived in rural New York- got certified, but left for Microsoft soon after)
  • Semi-pro musician during most of the late 1970's and 1980's- bass guitar, later lead guitar- mostly R&B / light rock / jazzy stuff (even some country at one point)
  • Longtime Dead Head (yes, the blog name came from somwhere...)- come to think of it, played many hours in a Dead tribute jam band, too...
  • Anime fan- my collection of Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura CDs nearly rivals my Grateful Dead set, and my DVD collection is (so far- the new Dr Who will probably break this) nothin' but.
  • Avid gamer (I own ALL the Halo and Gears of War books, and you can find me on XBox Live or World of Warcraft or Rift many hours of the week)
  • Sci-Fi fan (so who isn't?)

Yes, I am related to the [deceased for quite some time] author Jim (James Arthur) Kjelgaard- he was my great uncle [my grandfather was his brother Robert and I was named after my grandfather].  Read a lot of his books when I was young, and I also thoroughly enjoyed them.

Anything else ya wanted to know?