Trouble Ahead- Trouble Behind

Sometimes the test discipline is all about trouble- other times, it's just troubling.

November, 2012

  • Trouble Ahead- Trouble Behind

    Oh, the Things We Do For Entertainment...

    I've been through a few things since I last tried doing any regular blogging on MSDN. I'll share a few that are OK for me to share. Facebook- engrossing, wonderful, a great way to connect with family and friends- also home to a great many games. I...
  • Trouble Ahead- Trouble Behind

    Small Victories

    Something going on worldwide happened to me early in the morning on October 16th, 2012. My home computer, running Windows 7, rebooted after receiving an update via Windows Update. After rebooting, it was using KMDF 1.11, and UMDF 1.11 (the versions that...
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