I've been through a few things since I last tried doing any regular blogging on MSDN.  I'll share a few that are OK for me to share.

Facebook- engrossing, wonderful, a great way to connect with family and friends- also home to a great many games.  I'm not showing any links to it because I recently deactivated my account there.  It was a defensive self-discipline move- I found it far to easy to spend absurd amounts of money on casual games- far more than I do on console or subscription PC games- and that's not the right blend for me, because I get far more play out of the latter.  A secondary reason was disgust over the tone of the last election.  It's worse than disheartening to see how readily people will believe the worst of someone they don't know, not to mention how many people are more than willing to help you see the worst in them.  I could eventually change my mind, but for now, I'm just an out-of-touch old man who doesn't appreciate how great social media is [even if I'm not].

Music- I've regained and honed my guitar skills, and with the aid of some pro audio recording equipment from Presonus and the Reason package from PropellerHead Software, I recorded a few tunes.  I also found out how to put them on Soundcloud and share them, so I've embedded one in this post.  As for the song itself, I'm not going to be pretentious about it- I've always enjoyed jamming, and this gear let me at least jam with myself- so for a while I was excited to "Come Home to Jam".  This is me playing bass, rhythm, and lead, and essentially one take on each.  I did one or two edits, so not entirely pure, but close- it sounds a bit raggedy and improvised (criticisms I've heard of it)- but that's what its meant to be.  Not hard stuff, either- I/IV/V chords, key of C, 4/4 time.  And there really are only 2 guitar parts- I finger pick and can do a little polyphony because of it.  The guitar is a Gibson "The Paul", of mid-80's vintage, the bass is an Ibanez.  The drum loop is canned and came with the package- one future goal of mine is to gear up so I can add my own percussion- I can play it- not claiming I do it remarkable well, but I can do it, and I enjoy the activity- hence it keeps me entertained...

Reading:  almost entirely game-related: Halo books, Gears of War books, World of Warcraft books: I do enjoy getting the back story.  I did get through most of the Federalist Papers, but never finished- and I do read a newspaper, but not as much as I used to.

 Life:  Not much- but my daughter is now in college, and will be majoring in Computer Science- which is a bit of a pleasant surprise for me.  Some medical unpleasantness in the family- everyone gets hit with that sooner or later, so I'll keep the details out of this.

You can download the songs and there are others on that page-  I keep thinking I'll do some updates (I really don't care for my vocals in the Rising Sun track), but there's a lot going on, so when or if is pretty up in the air.

That's enough non-technical stuff for now.  I'll get back to my more engineering-oriented shenanigans at another time.