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  • Blog Post: What is that extra column of 'AB.gAAAA=' values when I run a report model query?

    Most people using Report Builder 2.0 with a report model soon ask the question, what is that extra column I get back with strange values like “AC8AAAA=” in it? Answer: It's an entity key value . If you’re going to create a group on that entity in your report, you should use this field as the group...
  • Blog Post: How to build a Clickthrough link in Report Builder 2.0

    As I mentioned in a previous post , due to resource constraints in this release, Report Builder 2.0 is not a strict superset of RB 2005/1.0. One of the features missing from RB 2.0 is automatic creation of Clickthrough links . You can still get them, of course, by creating the basics of your report in...
  • Blog Post: Clickthrough reports are the key to integration

    Clickthrough reports are the special kind of drillthrough reports created by Report Builder. They are "special" because they are linked to the parent report automatically, and are generated on the server from special template reports (or from a built-in template if you haven't specified your own yet...
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