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August, 2006

  • Process of Change

    Good discussion on Designing for Social Sharing

    I've always found Rashmi's work top notch. This presentation delivered at Webvisions calls out some good rules of thumb for the design of social software systems. The following hit home for me: The first generation social networks such as LinkedIn...
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  • Process of Change

    Draft community research wishlist

    I need a baseline so that follow up measures have some meaning. I also need to know more about my customers so that I can most effectively communicate about, and within, the upcoming community services. I've outlined what sorts of things I want to know...
  • Process of Change

    Back from vacation...

    Wow. I'm back from vacation and nothing has hit the fan, there have been no slips, no new road blocks, no irresistible forces, in short, we're still on track and making reasonable progress. I'm not sure, but that may be a first for me. How far down...
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