This quote from TechCrunch's post on a new project in Firefox land:

"Adding a friend will mean getting access to a broad array of their published web content."

The only drawback is that this is clearly designed for sharing content with "friends". That might be great for the 12-year-old to college age crowd, and somewhat nice for the newly graduated, but for the knowledge worker looking to use social solutions for purely professional reasons, it's just okay. I'd like to see something a little less personal.

I can't blame them, they're building to their audience. It's the same with MSN and the Live teams. Ask them about social networking and they'll talk about the people in your IM list, or in you email address book. Both of those are very clearly strong-tie associations.

Someday they're going to realize that adoption is in large measure gated by the relative advantage the new innovation has for a potential adopting population and that knowledge workers have a lot to gain adopting social software solutions -- though that advantage comes primarily from weak-tie associations.