I've moved to the Office Live team and I couldn't be happier about it.

For years now I've been focused on social computing solutions in one way or another. Most recently, I've lead a team of product managers defining next generation social computing tools: new forums, combined social bookmarking and site tagging solutions, social recognition systems, and more. Now I have the opportunity to put technology to use to support a community for which I have primary responsibility. (And you never know, we might just sneak a new social "utility", or two, into the mix.)

Specifically, and in the near term, I'll be building out community for the Office Live team focusing first on support solutions for the new Workspaces service. We're only open for "pre-registration" at the moment, but service availability isn't far off.


Workspace is useful out the door and will only get better. It's especially interesting for me given that the audience for it will consist of people far more engaged in the new online social experience than was the case way back when I last had direct community engagement responsibilities.

What's first? A Workspace team blog -- of course. That shouldn't take long. Expect to see it in the next three to four weeks.