I've been quiet lately. Partly it's because I've so much work work to do, that it's impacted my free thinking time. On the other hand, I seem to have the opportunity to build some new and interesting things at work, so what's to really complain about?

I'll try to post some of my team's work regarding recognition/incentive systems in the next week or so. I'm hosting a Seattle Community Roundtable Wednesday night and I'll be presenting it anyway, so clearly it's not a secret. And it does remain highly debatable. I could use the feedback.

Here's something interesting I found:

Any new technology is an evolutionary and biological mutation opening doors of perception and new spheres of action to mankind.

Marshall McLuhan.

I can't tell you how much I buy that quote. I don't think it's fully appreciated. That might be a good thing.

I lifted the above quote from this slideshare presentation. There are a number of things worth reading -- worth seeing -- in it.