TheNextWeb posted a good review of Toluu. Briefly, Toluu is about feed sharing.


Looks great. And frankly, I'm far more interested in these sorts of things than I am the "centralization of decentralized me" style services (I believe Solis might have said that first).

I haven't received an invite yet, so I don't know this first hand, but according to readwriteweb, "what you and your friends read and tag as favorites will help you discover new feeds that you may enjoy reading."

I can only wait and hope that Toluu recommendations are not based solely upon me and my friends. The reason, of course, is that I already have multiple communications channels engaged between myself and my friends/contacts. The old line “tell me something I don’t already know” applies.

However, if they’re going to find me people with similar interests that I don’t know, and then point me to things in those collections that I don’t already have, that would interest me a great deal.