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  • Blog Post: OpenSocial, Punctuated Equilibrium

    Generally speaking, OpenSocial is amazing news. The social layer I've been prattling on about for, well, a very long time, is really shaping up. Though I still believe we've yet to do more than scratch the surface of social user experiences. And that surface, to stretch the analogy too far, is so wide...
  • Blog Post: On Creativity Part 2

    In part one I put forward the view that creativity could be learned. In this post I'll discuss how. Or, more accurately, how we've tried to get ourselves out of the box. Be warned, the timing of this post is not ideal. The fruits of this process, for us, won't appear in their full glory until next spring...
  • Blog Post: Be creative -- but understand, it's difficult and it's risky. Part 1.

    [Also posted on TheWorkingNetwork ] I was recently speaking with an associate looking for change-the-game ideas to overcome an apparently impossible competitive situation -- and still make money. Now as a person that manages creative teams, and considers himself capable of the occasional lateral...
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