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  • Blog Post: Integration first? Maybe -- but have you done your homework?

    Recently I found myself wondering about a comment from Sean discussing the order in which an organization should implement web 2.0 features . Sean's answer was this: "So, what’s the answer? Simple ( simple to say, not do ). The answer is none of the above . The most important feature to implement in...
  • Blog Post: Diffusion Rate Fly-by -- Customer adoption of social networking

    The factors influencing the rate at which any given innovation spreads throughout a population are well known. Applying those factors remains a bit of an art, but the exercise is always instructive. That's especially so when we start thinking about marketing investments. The single best source of...
  • Blog Post: Extreme Product Management

    Dave’s one of the guys on my team. He’s the Tagspace guy – among other things. A recent post of his fairly expresses some of what we’re experiencing as we define our “product manager” jobs in the context of a team pursuing an Agile development methodology. Do check out his post . In it, he points to...
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