If you are a developer or Architect in Ireland and you have any ideas about what events we should run or specific areas of technology you'd like to hear about then please let me know. We are working on putting together the events for the next 12 months so your feedback is welcome.

I've been playing around with Whidbey, in particular the distributed systems designer. It's intuitive but I wonder about the fact that when I add a Biztalk endpoint I am forced to browse for an existing endpoint. I understand how pointing the designer to an existing endpoint will automagically populate the designer etc. but amn't I just designing, maybe I'm just imagining using Biztalk. I haven't figure out how I can add one standalone. Anyone?

I saw a great presentation from Jack Greenfield recently on Software factories. Jack used to work for Rational and speaks with a wealth of experience about the challenges of improving developer productivity and design. The demand for programming and automation is skrocketing but our approaches to design and development are not keeping pace (OO, SOA etc. UML and code gen). The factories angle is another approach to reuse and is closely related to the topic I spoke about at TechEd on Patterns, which is another way of reusing knowledge to speed future dev.