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May, 2007

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About SQL Server, BI and Database Stuff

I've been around custom application development in Ireland for about 15 years. Currently I am focusing on helping enterprise customers with SQL Server, BI and technologies.

I live with my wife and four children (yes four all under 8!), in Sandyford my main hobbies are playing with SQL Server, wrestling with kiddies, playing and watching UFC, board games, strategy games. 

Hopefully I'll be posting articles that people might find interesting ;-)

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    The Humble Desktop Reaches a Terra

    Hitachi have released a 1TB SATA II drive. What is more impressive than the size is the fact that according to Toms Hardware Guide it benchmarks as well as the famous Raptor drives. One of which I have lovingly in my development box at home, having replaced...
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    Flash - aha Saviour of the Database

    A new wave of tecnology is about to hit enterpise SQL SAN's. The humble flash disk scaled up to 1TB. In theory this gives incredibiliy low IO latency and eliminates the descrepancies between random/sequential IO and slowness due to a disk filling up!...
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    Extending SSRS Data Sources

    Introduction SQL Server Reporting Services comes out of the box with a good few data sources. Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Analysis Services are the main ones I use, and you can pretty much connect to any other database product using OLEDB/ODBC...
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    SQL 2005 Performance Dashboard on the Web

    One of the most exciting things to come out of SP2 is the availability of the performance dashboard. This allows a one page overview of you SQL 2005 server and raises SQL 2005 trouble shooting from black art involving complex dynamic management views...
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