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June, 2007

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About SQL Server, BI and Database Stuff

I've been around custom application development in Ireland for about 15 years. Currently I am focusing on helping enterprise customers with SQL Server, BI and technologies.

I live with my wife and four children (yes four all under 8!), in Sandyford my main hobbies are playing with SQL Server, wrestling with kiddies, playing and watching UFC, board games, strategy games. 

Hopefully I'll be posting articles that people might find interesting ;-)

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    Its about time too

    Being a huge fan of Chris Taylor and the orignal Total annihilation (yes we forgive you for TA kingdoms, Gnugs rule and I married She-Devil), I'm currently playing Supreme Commander It had been thought that this would...
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    The Demo God Retires

    I was just back from the first Irish Microsoft Technologies Conference I hope the video gets posted up. Rob Burke went out in style with the Demo to end all Demos. We had XNA, PC's XBoxes, WII controllers, Scottish Monsters controlled...
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    Whassup with my SQL Server

    Technorati tags: SQL SQL Server 2005 includes some great new dynamic management views and functions to help find out what is going on. These three in particular work quite well together. View/function Type Description sys.dm_exec_requests...
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    How not to use Power Point

    Came across this great link on improving your power point skills: very funny ;-)
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    Smart Indexing Part II - Conditional Rebuilding

    The Maintenance plan Wizard in SQL Server 2005 allows us to create an SSIS package that ReIndexes all Indexes. This is great for smaller systems, but on larger systems (over 10GB or so), the re-indexing can take a long time reducing the maintenance window...
  • Bob Duffy's Blobby Blog

    Smart Indexing Part I - Analyzing Indexes

    Introduction There are three items that any SQL Server maintenance plan should cover at a minimum: Backup, DBCC and ReIndexing. Indexes much like your old laptop disk drive will become fragmented. As data is inserted a “page split” may put data...
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