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January, 2008

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About SQL Server, BI and Database Stuff

I've been around custom application development in Ireland for about 15 years. Currently I am focusing on helping enterprise customers with SQL Server, BI and technologies.

I live with my wife and four children (yes four all under 8!), in Sandyford my main hobbies are playing with SQL Server, wrestling with kiddies, playing and watching UFC, board games, strategy games. 

Hopefully I'll be posting articles that people might find interesting ;-)

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    Improving SQL Disk Performance #1 Partition Alignment

    There is a great article that you should read before configuring a disk subsystem for SQL Server. Predeployment I/O Best Practices . As mentioned, one of the common pitfalls is not ensuring that the offset of the first block is "64k" or a multiple...
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    Why Should I use SQL Enterprise Edition?

    A lot of customers have been asking me if they need to use Enterprise Edition. the basic answer is that EE is sold mainly on the enhanced features which can be compared at: You will...
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    Improving SQL Disk Performance #2 Windows Stripe Size

    There are some urban legends around the Windows stripe size that you should set for SQL Server. I have seen recommendations of 64k for both data and log internally at Microsoft by some heavy hitting data Dudes, so that is good enough for me ;-) Generally...
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    2008 Launch Tour

    I've been a bit off radar: up to my neck in a large  sql server / project and some time off for Christmas. Believe it or not I managed to get my thumb trapped in a Transformer on Christmas day and an ensuing infection - so if you see a consultant...
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    SQL 2008 Questions from Users Group

    Thanks to everyone who attended the SQL Ireland Users group. We discussed some of the main new features in SQL 2008: compression encryption business continuity Resource Governor Entity Data Model Synchronisation Framework DWH Improvements Change Data...
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