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April, 2008

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About SQL Server, BI and Database Stuff

I've been around custom application development in Ireland for about 15 years. Currently I am focusing on helping enterprise customers with SQL Server, BI and technologies.

I live with my wife and four children (yes four all under 8!), in Sandyford my main hobbies are playing with SQL Server, wrestling with kiddies, playing and watching UFC, board games, strategy games. 

Hopefully I'll be posting articles that people might find interesting ;-)

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    Last Exam to Go on SQL Ranger 04!!

    Out last written exam tomorrow!!! There was definitely a sense of the end of a long journey when we finished the last class today (VLDB scenario). I don't think people will be jumping for the pub on Friday as everyone will be flopping down in bed ;-)...
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    What Does Lock Pages in Memory Do

    I thought I would post some clarification on what the famous "Lock Pages in Memory" policy setting does and does not do. 1. It prevents the operating system from stealing the buffer pool (see previous blog on buffer pool), thus shrinking the...
  • Bob Duffy's Blobby Blog

    SQL Ranger Class goes Carting

    After the third exam, we only had a few sessions today and then carting for the first down time some people have had in a while. Ken the Instructor and veteran SQL ranger from rotation 01 kicked some butt on the track. I was in his slipstream (err if...
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