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August, 2008

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About SQL Server, BI and Database Stuff

I've been around custom application development in Ireland for about 15 years. Currently I am focusing on helping enterprise customers with SQL Server, BI and technologies.

I live with my wife and four children (yes four all under 8!), in Sandyford my main hobbies are playing with SQL Server, wrestling with kiddies, playing and watching UFC, board games, strategy games. 

Hopefully I'll be posting articles that people might find interesting ;-)

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    SQL Server Goes Scale Out

    In case anyone missed the acquisition: Microsoft acquired DATAllegro back in July. Press is here This means that we potentially have a customer with a 400+ TB database , and...
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    Inoculation Against SQL Injection

    Anyone on the database scene would have noticed a big surge in SQL Injection attacks around April this year. Developers coming cap in hand to the DBA to blame the database for a security breach and all that... Hopefully everyone knows what SQL injection...
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    SQL Server 2008 RTM is here

    If you are a TechNet or MSDN customer (and who isn't!), you can download the final RTM of SQL Server 2008 here Personally I am really stoked about this release - I'm going to be involved...
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    Paul and Kim come to Dublin - Data Dudes Rejoice

    Paul Randall and Kimberly Tripp are probably the foremost speakers on SQL Server and they are coming to Dublin. On Thursday 4th September, 2008 they are coming to Dublin to present at the SQL Users Group on Indexing and Fragmentation (Level 400). If you...
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