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  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) October 2009 Samples Refresh 3 Available

    SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) October 2009 Samples Refresh 3 is now available. SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) Product Samples Refresh 3 is now live at . There are numerous bug fixes and a new sample, RSPermissions which demonstrates how to write an application which manages...
  • Blog Post: VS/SSMS settings and the Fault Retry functionality

    Doug Holland (a C# MVP) has opened two work items in Connect. The first one is about being able to share settings between VS and SSMS for those of us who do both DBA and developer work. You shouldn't have to specify font, color, or tab settings twice, or at least you should be able to import settings...
  • Blog Post: Fault Retry provider and sample

    Have you ever tried using high availability technology like SQL Server database mirroring and been surprised when your ADO.NET client didn't seemlessly switch from the principal to the failover partner but instead reported an exception? The Fault Retry provider and sample (
  • Blog Post: SQLRSS: an open source project for creating an RSS feed from database changes

    Have you ever wanted an RSS feed that displayed changes to a database? SQLRSS ( ) may be just the ticket for you. This application uses the SQL Server 2008 feature called Change Data Tracking to gather changes made to the database (by any client) and then posts the changes...
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