August, 2007

  • OpsMgr++

    Disabling/Enabling multiple rules/monitors/discoveries at once

    One of the things I have heard on several occasions is that people want to disable or enable a number of rules/monitors/discoveries at once. Currently its only possible to enable or disable one at a time. This can be an issue when you are trying to disable...
  • OpsMgr++

    Automating the setup of URL monitoring

    One of the new things in OpsMgr is the ability to easily setup URL monitoring from multiple watcher nodes. What what if you want to monitor 500 different URLs? Setting this up manually could be pretty time consuming. Here is a script I put together that...
  • OpsMgr++

    Override Explorer v3.3

    The purpose of override explorer is to simplify understanding what overrides exist in a management group. It provides two views: Type Based - This view shows types for that have rules/monitors/discoveries for which overrides were created. Computer...
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    Converting a sealed management pack to readable XML

    Ever wanted to dig into a management pack but could not because it is sealed? One workaround is to import the management pack into a management group and then export it. There is a much quicker way to do this using PowerShell and the SDK. Attached...
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    Stopping maintenance mode

    I wrote a blog post several weeks ago about putting a computer into maintenance mode using PowerShell. For some reason after posting the script there was a white space infront of one of the parameters which resulted in the health service watcher object...
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    Listing all the performance collection rules in a management group

    Performance monitors will look at at performance counter value and change state when a particular condition is detected. However if you want to collect performance counters for viewing in the console or reporting, you need to create a performance collection...
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    So what is in maintenance mode?

    In MOM 2005 you could put computers into maintenance mode; in OpsMgr 2007 maintenance mode is much more granular. Instead of putting the whole computer into maintenance mode, you can put a particular database or NT service into maintenance mode. At times...
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    Enabling proxying for agents

    When deploying the AD or Exchange management packs you need to enable proxying on agents in order for discovery to work properly. This could be a time consuming process since there is no way to multi select all the required agents and enable proxyings...
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    So what thresholds do my monitors have?

    One of the things people have been asking about is what thresholds are used by various monitors. There is no bullet proof way to do this, but here is a script I wrote that would answer this question for the majority of monitors: function GetThreshold...
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    So what about diagnostics and recoveries?

    Another new capability in OpsMgr is being able to execute diagnostics and recoveries as reactions to monitor state changes. The OpsMgr MP defines a number of diagnostics to keep the agents healthy and repair them if need be. Here is a powershell script...
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    Add/Remove users to a user role

    Currently there is no cmdlet to add a user to a user role, however its very easy to do using a combination of the Get-UserRole cmdlet and a bit of the SDK. $operatorsUserRole = Get-UserRole | where {$_.DisplayName -eq "Operations Manager Operators...
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