January, 2008

  • OpsMgr++

    MPViewer 1.3

    Added another several small features in this version: 1 - The target of a rule/monitor 2 - The type of a monitor 3 - The priority of the alert generated by a monitor 4 - Whether a rule generates an alert as well as the severity and priority...
  • OpsMgr++

    Troubleshooting event id 33333 logged by the DataAccessLayer

    Sometimes after installing an agent or importing a management pack you may see event number 33333 logged by the Data Access layer. In many situations this error is caused by the fact that proxying is not enabled for a particular agent. In OpsMgr SP1,...
  • OpsMgr++

    Creating overrides using the SDK

    Here is some sample code that I wanted to share for creating overrides using the SDK. In scenarios where you need to automate the creation of overrides, this can become useful: Creating a Rule Override: using System; using System.Collections...
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