April, 2008

  • OpsMgr++

    MP Backup

    Here is a script that I wrote last night to demonstrate how you can implement a simple MP backup process. The goal is to allow you to backup unsealed MPs so that if you make a mistake you can go back to the good copy. You can also schedule this script...
  • OpsMgr++

    What do YOU think about the Cluster Management Pack?

    Several weeks ago we released an update to Windows 2003 Cluster MP to address several customer initiated issues. I am very interested to hear what you think about the cluster MP and what has been your experience in deploying and using it, or things that...
  • OpsMgr++

    Cluster MP Upgrade

    Looks like there is some confusion as to the what exactly needs to be done in order to upgrade to the latest version of the cluster MP. Here is a flow chart that should clear things up:
  • OpsMgr++

    Windows 2003 Cluster Management Pack update is now available on MP Catalog

    We have just posted an updated version of the Windows 2003 Cluster Management Pack. This update resolves several customer initiated issues. This update also includes some changes in order to prepare for the Windows 2008 Cluster MP. Here is a link to...
  • OpsMgr++

    MP authoring samples - NT service based discovery

    One of the things that I have been wanting to cover in this blog is advanced MP authoring. Lately I have been spending a fair bit of time doing MP related work so I am going to start blogging on this subject. My main focus will be to provide samples as...
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