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April, 2005

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    New for VC++ 2005: CTRL+J

    Have you ever been coding inside a class/struct and you wanted to know just what members were available to you in that scope? Have you ever found yourself typing this-> just to see those members? Well, there's a new shortcut in VC 2005 that allows...
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    Hacking the Papal Election

    Bruce Schneier has a great piece analyzing the papal election process and its security. Bottom line: If you spend over a millenia perfecting the process, it's bound to be pretty good :)
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    Find symbols VC6-style using CTRL+D

    Many developers complain about the fact that the traditional search box that pops up when using CTRL+F stays open after finding the first instance of the symbol in question. This forces the user to perform an extra keystroke (namely Escape) and just does...
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    New Visual C++ Focused Blog

    Hey everyone! I am a fairly new Program Manager for the Visual C++ IDE. I am starting this blog to push exposure of cool features that exist in Visual C++ as well as promote discussion of other areas that I find interesting. These span distributed...
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