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June, 2006

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    Blogging from Tech-Ed 2006

    I am hanging out at Tech-Ed 2006 in Boston this week. After 2 days, I must it continues to amaze me how large this conference has become. There are about 15,000 attendees this year and the conference center feels like it could fit a squadron of Airbus...
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    Product Feedback woes and yet another macro

    A while back, we received a suggestion via our product feedback website. The site lets anyone log bugs and/or suggestions for our product, which feed directly into our internal bug tracking mechanism. In other words, the site is not simply a façade but...
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    Thoughts about Tech-Ed 2006

    As I mentioned in previous posts, I was Microsoft's largest sponsored conference a few weeks ago. I have been mulling over what I saw and heard while I was there and I feel it's time to write a little post-mortem. First point, the conference is huge....
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    Interop Chalk Talk - The Slides

    Upon request, I am posting the slides to my chalk talk. It's especially useful as I am not sure how these slides get included on the Tech-Ed DVD. I had a great audience for the talk, and it's really important that our team get the message across that...
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