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  • Blog Post: Interop 101 – Part 5

    As overdue as this post is, let's just jump in. In my first 4 installments, I focused on the different ways you could access native functionality from managed code. In this post, I will flip the actors around and investigate how to expose managed functionality to native clients. The first thing to...
  • Blog Post: Interop 101 – Part 4

    I apologize for the long delay for this section (although I suppose my average posting frequency is already pretty low), but I was on a much needed vacation. I finished the last chapter with a brief mention of what I would talk about now, which is the native support for interop that C++ provides. In...
  • Blog Post: Product Feedback woes and yet another macro

    A while back, we received a suggestion via our product feedback website. The site lets anyone log bugs and/or suggestions for our product, which feed directly into our internal bug tracking mechanism. In other words, the site is not simply a façade but a direct input into our development, supplementing...
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