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    Vertical Guidelines

    Now here is a feature that we should expose far more prominently (and I'll push the core team to do so) that I think many developers will appreciate. There's a registry key that allows users to make vertical lines appear in the VS code editor so that...
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    GameFest I

    I've spent the past two days at GameFest, presenting some tips and tricks for the Visual C++ IDE and talking to game developers. The conference was based in Bellevue (so no fancy traveling this time) and, as I mentioned before, it is geared mainly towards...
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    Kate Gregory on why Visual C++ matters

    Steve Teixeira pointed out a great (quick too!) talk by Kate Gregory , one of our regional directors, about why C++ matters today and continues to provide access to the whole array of Windows functionality (rumors of the death of the Win32 API are greatly...
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    VS 2005 vs. Firefox

    Thanks to Don for pointing this one out, I bet Sara will blog about this in no time too... Since Visual Studio 2005 uses tabs for managing all the different files one would edit, one can naturally apply to browsing the web. Personally, I don't see this...
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    Where is my Source Browser?

    If you're an experienced Visual C++ 6.0 user, chances are you've become quite attached to the Source Browser tool. This tool provided rich browsing functionality for any project that generated a .bsc file. It was accessible from the Alt+F12 shortcut,...
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    Shalom from Tel Aviv

    I am here in Tel Aviv with some of the members of my team as part of the Visual C++ Accelerator Tour . We are showing off some of the essential new features of Visual C++ 2005 that are coming your way later this year. I was personally tapped to speak...
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    New for VC++ 2005: CTRL+J

    Have you ever been coding inside a class/struct and you wanted to know just what members were available to you in that scope? Have you ever found yourself typing this-> just to see those members? Well, there's a new shortcut in VC 2005 that allows...
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    Hacking the Papal Election

    Bruce Schneier has a great piece analyzing the papal election process and its security. Bottom line: If you spend over a millenia perfecting the process, it's bound to be pretty good :)
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    Find symbols VC6-style using CTRL+D

    Many developers complain about the fact that the traditional search box that pops up when using CTRL+F stays open after finding the first instance of the symbol in question. This forces the user to perform an extra keystroke (namely Escape) and just does...
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    New Visual C++ Focused Blog

    Hey everyone! I am a fairly new Program Manager for the Visual C++ IDE. I am starting this blog to push exposure of cool features that exist in Visual C++ as well as promote discussion of other areas that I find interesting. These span distributed...
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