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June, 2004

  • Mark Bower

    Article: Customizing SharePoint Context Menus

    Rohan Cragg posted about an article I wrote about a year ago describing a technique for customizing SharePoint list and document library context menus. I think the article may have originally been published on , and although...
  • Mark Bower

    TechEd Europe: T-3 days

    I spent yesterday putting the final touches to the two sessions I will be delivering at TechEd. I am really excited about this and my only frustration is that I will have to wait until the end of the week to deliver them - but they will be well worth...
  • Mark Bower

    Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas

    Only just spotted that the Office 2003 Reference Schemas and associated documentation were updated in April, adding documentation for Excel, Visio and InfoPath as well as Word.
  • Mark Bower

    Help! My CommandBarButton events stop firing

    This is perhaps the most frequently asked question I hear when writing managed COM Addins or Smart Docs. You’ve wired up an event handler to catch button clicks of custom menu items. They work for the first few clicks but then mysteriously stop...
  • Mark Bower

    Post #1…

    I am a developer consultant in the Solutions group of Microsoft Consulting Services in the UK . I have been with Microsoft for four years, initially as a developer in the Solutions Development Centre where I worked on the Government Gateway project. Since...
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