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August, 2004

  • Mark Bower

    Article: InfoPath Viewer Sample Application

    Recently I have heard a number of people (Chris Kunicki and LauraJ for instance) musing why there isn't an InfoPath viewer application available to allow people without InfoPath installed to be able to see a read-only view of the data from a filled-in form. With a bit of free time last week I decided to see how easy it would be to put together a little app that would enable InfoPath forms to be viewed without any design-time modifications....
  • Mark Bower

    InfoPath 2003 Form Viewer Sample Application

    Introduction Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 provides a powerful way of designing and deploying electronic forms to capture information as XML. In order to design, fill-in and view InfoPath forms, Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 is required to be installed...
  • Mark Bower

    Developer Information for WinXP SP2

    So, the much awaited Windows XP Service Pack 2 RTMed Friday, and by now should be available to download from the Microsoft Download Centre. The MSDN site has a comprehensive set of information for developers about the changes introduced in this update...
  • Mark Bower

    InfoPath 2003 SDK Updated

    A new version of the InfoPath 2003 SDK has been released to include new information and updated samples for the SP1 update of InfoPath. Here’s what’s new in the updated SDK New tool: Using the InfoPath to Word Wizard New code library: Build a Custom BizTalk...
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